Retouching Makes Ordinary Extra-ordinary

Photographs can turn out to be pretty fantastic. Still, there is only so much power we have over the backgrounds, locations, weather conditions, reflections, and other unseemly imperfections.

A digital editor is available to photographers in order to help them improve on the final results of their photographs. They help to display a clearer vision and to communicate the photographer’s intention more closely to what they had in mind.

When most people think of ‘retouching’ the first things that come to mind are covering skin blemishes or adding tans or tattoos. However, there is so much more that retouching can accomplish. The following are a few examples of how retouching can have a positive impact on certain aspects of photography –


(1). Outdoor Photography

Think about taking some fashion model snapshots out in the sunshine. During the daytime the light being used was all natural light. That means that the light was changing with each snapshot taken as the day went by. The photographer was also re-positioning the camera as well as the places where they model was standing. Still, there was only so much control that the photographer had over how the snapshot results came out.

To re-couch those outdoor photos unwanted reflections had to be removed. There could be many unwanted elements within the picture like sun reflections in the windows of office buildings in the background. Retouching can take care of that problem. The intensity of the sunlight may be too much or too little. That too can be dealt with using retouching methods. Even the background can be affected in a positive way.

(2). Drawing Out the Best of Your Photograph Model

We know that blemishes are easily removed from photograph model snapshots. Wrinkles can be removed as well. The artists taking the pictures have software packages such as Photoshop or Gimp to help them accomplish these things. They can retouch the skin, change hair color, remove freckles, slim down the face, take out reflections, and even affect what the model is wearing.

They can take off or put on tattoos and add in cheek color or tan tones. All of these things change the final results of the photos and present the scenario in a much more appealing way. They can even remove the model from their spot in the photo to another spot within the photo. There is a lot of creative power available there.


To achieve a positive final snapshot, photo-realism makes a HUGE difference. Photo enhancement using retouching techniques makes a regular fashion model and a bland background come alive. It makes the shot more real to the eyes of the viewers. Anytime something doesn’t look natural people notice. It will stick out like a sore thumb. The better the photo the more successful it will be in displaying its original intent. If it doesn’t convince the eyes of the viewers then the re-touching process did not pas the final ‘true-life’ test necessary to be successful.

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