Key Factors to Consider Before Renting or Purchasing Office Space

If you are looking for options to rent or purchase an office space it is a must to consider a few essential points before taking the plunge. Factors such as location, term of rent, lease, furnishing and the broker need to be kept in mind before buying r renting an office.

If you are starting a new business or enterprise or shifting from old office to a larger space, you need to buy or rent space first from real estate agents. The need for a comfortable office which meets all your requirements and provides ample space for the workers as well as the furnishing items is an essential aspect of selecting an office. There are majorly five key factors which need to be kept in mind before you go to a real estate agent for buying or renting property. Aspects such as location, term of rent, lease, furnishings, as well as the dealer or broker, should be considered well before finalizing your deal.


Importance of location

While selecting a property for buying or renting purposes, it is a must that you check for the location where the office space is located and if it is at a convenient distance from the residential places. A convenient distance saves time that is wasted on commuting and if your office is well connected with the transport systems such as buses and trains, and then it becomes an ideal location to set up your office. Good roads and infrastructure, as well as surroundings, are important to maintain a perfect office ambiance. Amenities such as stores and eat outs or tea and coffee shops as well as other necessary requirements are needed so that you do not face any issues after settlement.

Term of rent

If you are renting an office space, it is essential that you are very clear about the terms and conditions involved with the rent.  The rent agreement should be prepared beforehand so that there are no issues related to it later. It is a compulsory task that should not be avoided at any cost before sealing the deal of renting an office space.

Lease of the office space

Again, if you are taking the space for rent, be absolutely sure of the fact that for what duration you are taking the lease and how much you have to pay for the security and other matters such as furnishing and cabinets as well as equipment that are required for the office. The deposit should be refundable so that when the lease term is over, you get the whole money back or when you renew the lease term it is an easy process to transfer the security deposit to the next term.

Furnished office space

Whether you are buying or just rent an office, make sure that the space is fully furnished with all kinds of necessities such as cabinets, chairs, tables and other needful accessories which are required to maintain an office. It is a crucial part when buying or renting office. If the place is furnished already it, removes a lot of hassles in arranging and purchasing things. And once you decide to move out, the things are of no use to you. It is a good idea to take up a fully furnished office even if it comes at a little more cost.

The dealer or broker

Seek a broker for purchasing or renting an office who has a reputation in the market. Look into the aspects such as professionalism, time management and commitment if the person towards the jib so that you are assured of an honest and trustworthy dealer who can manage your issues in time. It is also important to discuss all the requirements for your company that you need so that he or she can provide you the same accordingly. Transparency and accuracy, as well as a commitment to the word from both the parties, is essential for a smooth and hassle-free deal.

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The writer is an established real estate agent who has more than ten years of experience in the field. It is through this experience that the person can provide a glimpse into what happens while renting or purchasing office space and what points to take care of before finalizing the deal.

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