Check These Tips for Senior Photography Techniques

Senior year in high school is one of the most memorable phases in one’s teenage life. It is a year full of excitement, captivating experiences, and memories that one could treasure for a lifetime. It is also the time when serious decisions are made such as where to go to college and what to take up. It is this year you start shaping your future, so it is not just all about having fun, it is also a serious year of education.

High school senior pictures are part of what makes your last year in high school exciting and even more memorable. It is an American tradition that has been practiced for almost a century now. Senior pictures Houston are photos taken by professional photographers to capture the freshness of one’s youth in high school as he prepares his journey through college and adult life. And since these pictures are meaningful and will always be a reminder of one’s youth, seniors always make for this big day. Here are some tips you can do to prepare yourself for a fabulous photo shoot that showcases the best of you.

Prepare Several Outfits

One of the first things you need to do is prepare your outfit. Since there will be several shots in different locations, it is best to bring several sets of costumes. You have to plan where you will have your shots so you can bring the right dress. It is also best to take an extra set just in case one doesn’t fit the location.

Choose Simple Outfits

Another tip to remember is to keep your outfits simple, do not overdo it. Choose clothes that fit you and not because they are in fashion. Another note is to choose clothes that match your interests and personality, do not pick something just for the sake of looking good if it does not depict you. The primary purpose of the shoot is to showcase yourself in your high school senior year, not to showcase someone else.

Be Wise on Colors

Do not choose clothes that are too colorful. The images should highlight you, the subject. Colorful outfits can make you just like an object and the clothes the subject. Additionally, lighting in the area can make you look like a bright flower. You do not want to see that when you get older. Choose plain colors that fit your complexion and your hair.

Use Clothes that Fit Your Style

Everyone has their fashion statement. Do not go far from it when choosing your outfits. You can select one or two of your favorite clothes to wear during the photo shoot. These are good reminders of how you were in high school.

Go Easy with Accessories

It is okay to wear accessories, make sure that they are not too elaborate. Wear simple jewelry and do not wear too much you will look like a Christmas tree. Wear something that matches your outfit and something which complements your best features. If you are planning to wear a bracelet, wear it on the one hand and not on both. The same rule applies to rings.

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